A bit of shopping hurts no one!


I was walking around Zeil in Frankfurt and at the entrance of Douglas there were some beautiful Essie nail polishes standing. I picked a couple as you can see, and on the way to the cashier this Chanel one caught my eye too.


The Essie colors I picked are Mint Candy Apple and Sand Tropez, I am already wearing the Sand Tropez,  but you will see that in due time on a manicure post.

I decided to have a quick look around and stopped at the Shiseido stand and explored the lipsticks. In the end, this beautiful rich red decided to go home with me.


Finally something that I love about Douglas is the samples you get after shopping! Very excited about the Clarins eye cream, the Chanel cream not so sure yet, the perfum is nice, an hydrating mask is always welcome and foundation samples as well. Shower gel is very useful when traveling! Some of this I know I will not try for sure, I am not into tanning and I don’t have the right skin for the L’oreal mature make up sample either. If you are interested in these let me know and you are free to get them!


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