Sampling around: L’Oreal, Hydragenius Liquid Care


I got this L’Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water in a magazine. I was really glad about it, because I have been interested into this and the Lancôme Energie de Vie for a while, but I have not had the change to pick them up yet. I have test them a few times on my hand at the departmental store but not more.

The packaging was fine, but I have seen better to be honest. Specially for such a big brand as L’Oreal.

The product is not really liquid unlike the Lancôme product, which is really a thick liquid that melts into the skin. This is more of a gel, like a gel lotion.  A big pro of this product is that if you have to use sun block on a daily basis, this is the kind of product that will give you moisture, and it is easy and comfy to use under it. It absorbs very quickly which is a big plus always. Who has time to waste?

I would say this product is O.K. and I would not really be interested into buying it. I feel its biggest point was that it was “liquid” care, but it is not really liquid. There might be other similar products, in the sense that they are a light consistency and absorb quickly, even though they might be creamy or gel like that have more ingredients that interest me, or that fit my needs better. This might be the kind of product that you need if you do not use a serum on your morning routine, and want lots of hydration in a very light formula. I personally, get most of my hydration from a serum and then apply a light moisturizer with extra ingredients to seal the hydration in. Therefore this does not really suit my needs.


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