Sampling around: Vichy, Minéral 89


This Vichy Minéral 89 sample came in a magazine and I have to say it is one of the best packagings I have experienced for samples. It is beautiful, it shows the shape of the original product, it opened easily and without waste of product. Sample size was also excellent.

The product is a thick transparent liquid. It had a lightly sticky finish, almost imperceptible. Since it states it is a booster, I used it in place of a serum, with a moisturizer on top, and it worked very well for me like this. It contains hyaluronic acid, and 89% mineral water which probably means it contains lots of minerals that could be beneficial to your skin. It is supposed to help against pollution and stress. I personally would be interested in the main differences between this new product and their Aqualia Serum, which is also rich in hyaluronic acid and contains mineral water. It retails for almost twenty Euro, slightly less than the Aqualia Serum, probably due to the ingredients difference.

It was an interesting product, probably mostly suited to younger skin that needs moisture as a treatment. Of course anyone can use a product like this, but its simplicity in formulation makes me think it is perfect for younger skin that has less requirements than older skin.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Probably not, I think I like my treatments to give me a combination of things and this probably would not fulfill my needs. It is a good product, just not what I need.


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