Germany: Dr. Bronner’s Rose 18 in 1 Naturseife


I give the Dr. Bronner’s Rose shower gel 4/5 thumbs up. I really liked it.

The packaging is fine, it was sturdy, practical, and it even looks pretty. It is transparent so you can see how much product you have left. You can get this product in different sizes, from 60ml, 240ml, 475ml and 945ml. It can be used as a hand soap or a shower gel, but I would say it is rather expensive to use it as a hand soap. It retails for 4, 11, 16 and 25Euro respectively. You can get the 240ml size in drogueries in Germany, and the other sizes online from their own website.

The shower gel has a consistency that falls into more liquid than gel like, but it does run between your fingers before you get to use it. Also, it is a bit pricey, but a little goes a long way, with a bit of product you can get your whole body cleaned. The scent is really lovely without being in your face, I really enjoyed it. It is quite foamy, compared to other natural products. It claims to be a natural product and it mentions several certifications: World Fair Trade Organization, USDA Organic, Natrue Biokosmetik, Kontrollierte Natur-Kosmetik BDIH, fair for life, Vegan, Leaping Bunny, Non GMO Projekt. It contains several oils: jojoba, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. which probably contributes to keep your skin comfortable after a shower.

Would I buy this product again? Yes, I really enjoyed it and I would like to try other scents too.

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