Sampling around: Caudalíe, Premier Cru


I got this Premier Cru sample directly from a Caudalíe representant at my local pharmacy. It was announced she would be in town, so I booked an appointment with her. This is a very rich cream, aimed at more mature skin, not really for my skin yet. After evaluating me, she recommended this for my neck and chest, so since then I have been more careful with those areas. I was really glad that I met her.

The cream is very good, very hydrating. It left my skin very elastic and hydrated. It was not greasy or emollient, just creamy if you get what I mean. The sample packaging and sample size were excellent. I got four or five uses out of this sample.

There are plenty of products aimed directly at the neck and chest area, but I liked the idea of adapting something to fit your needs based on ingredients as well. It would be interesting to check out other ranges and compare prices.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Based on the sample, yes, but I would be interested in first comparing what else is out there before committing to a product.


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