Sampling around: Lierac, Magnificence Serum Rouge


I got this Lierac Magnifiance Sérum Rouge sample from a pharmacy close by after buying something there. The packaging was good, it opened evenly so there was no sample loss. Sample amount was also good, enough for four days use at night.

Consistency was liquid, lightly gel like, similar to many serums. The finish was slightly sticky, but not really uncomfortable. The formula contains hibiscus which tints the serum red and it transfers. The fact that it stains red could be a draw back, you can only use it either at night or under make up, and you must be very careful to avoid stains on furniture.

It is an anti-aging product, aimed to correct wrinkles and improve texture of the skin. Also to add luminosity, which is always welcome. I can not attest to these with four days of use obviously.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Not really. I found it to be an O.K. product. I did not really find anything wrong, just not super into it.


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