Germany: Weleda, Naachtkerze Revitalisierende Handcreme


I give this hand cream by Weleda, Nachtkerze, 1/5 thumbs up. I did not like it.

The packaging is good, it is the usual Weleda Handcream packaging. Metal tube with plastic lid. It is not perfect but it is good quality and it works well with the product.

The cream has a light consistency, it is more like a lotion than a cream. It is a revitalizing cream, which is suppose to help with regeneration and firming. Aimed at mature skin. It is supposed to contain ingredients that help the barrier of the skin from loosing water, or hydration. This is not a bad hand cream but it is not something that I enjoyed, I look in a hand cream for lots of hydration and something more emollient without leaving grease or an awkward film on the skin. This felt nice on the skin, but it also did not feel very hydrating or rich. Soon enough I had to re-apply. Depending on what you look for in a hand cream this could be a product for you or not. If you are like me and want something to help calm the constant dryness during the day on your skin, then this might not be something that works for you.  If you have mature skin and just want something to strengthen your skin, or refresh your hands with a nice lotion, or maybe even to use as a firming hand cream at night. In those cases, this might be more suited to you.

Would I buy this again? No, not because I think is a bad product but because it did not fit my personal needs.

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