Sampling around: Vichy, Slow Age


The Vichy Slow age is a day moisturizer with a very liquid, lotion like consistency but it still feels thick when you apply it, like when you apply sun block. It contains a quite decent SPF, with 25SPF, which makes it a good day summer moisturizer. In my opinion, for winter you get away with 15SPF, but for summer you need at least 20, depending on where you live and how much you are exposed to the sun rays.

The packaging was very good, easy to use, and without wasting the product. It retails for twenty something Euro for 50ml of product.

I think it is a nice option out there for a day summer anti-age moisturizers, but there might be lighter ones in consistency that could be a bit more comfortable to wear. It could also be that someone with drier skin might find it more comfortable than someone with oilier skin as me.

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