Sampling around: L’Oreal Reinigungs Crème Kostbare Blüten


This L’Oreal Reinigungscrème sample was also from a German Magazine. The packaging is really good, it was easy to open and it broke evenly allowing the product to come out without waste.

It is a cream with no strong scent, which is always good in my list. I have to say it is not my kind of product already from the start, I prefer gel like make up removers, or balms/oils. I felt that compared to other products I have tried, regardless of its presentation, it did not remove make up as well. You definitely will need a second cleanse with a different product. I have not tried so many creams for make up removal, but I think you can probably find something better out there in cream or lotion formulation. I know the Lancôme Galatée Confort which is a milky lotion. That is very good a removing make up, very gentle and effective, also not my kind of product, but a better product than this. Of course, also more expensive. Something more affordable but that I have not tried myself yet is using Pond’s or Olay creams to remove make up. I know plenty of people that use them as their main make up removal method.

Would I buy this product based on the sample? Not really, I did not even finish it.

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