Sampling around: Noir by The White Company


I got these Shower gel and Body lotion Noir by The White Company in a hotel room in England. The brand is English, but the products were produced in Czech Republic.

The packaging of these looks gorgeous I know, but it is so not practical. It is hard to squeeze the product out because of its shape, it is too wide, and the stiffness of the plastic. It felt that it was the shape what did not work out here, it looks beautiful but its not functional.

The shower gel was not super foamy, so if you like to build up foam, this might not be your formula. It was on the liquid side but not annoyingly liquid. It has a lovely scent, it was my favorite thing about these, the scent. It felt rich, spicy while slightly fresh. I really enjoyed the scent.

The body lotion was rich and moisturizing, without being extra greasy, it was very comfortable on the skin. It does not absorb quick but it does not stay on awkwardly.

Overall I really liked these products, and I might be even interested in the perfume as a daily scent. I really loved it.

Would I buy these based on the samples? Yes, definitely! Good quality products with an amazing scent.

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