Perfumes, perfumes, perfumes…


Here a selection of a few perfume samples I have gathered.

Lets start with the one that excited me the most. I think I got this Clean Reserve Sel Santal sample from a perfume shop in Frankfurt. The flyer that came with it made it sound like something to try. It is a brand that creates perfumes from sustainable sources only and with our world as its going this sounds exciting and interesting. It also might be interesting for people that have made the commitment to buy from sustainable sources only. It sounds like a very interesting brand. The scent was interesting, and hard to know how much you like it at first. It was a clean untypical scent. According to the website it is a combination of mandarin leaves, bergamot, salted fig and hazelnut. I would be interested in checking out the other scents in a perfume shop, after trying this one out, but not quite sure if I would buy this particular scent yet.

Lets move to the Caudalie Thé des Vignes. Although I really like and enjoy many products from Caudalíe this is not one of them. In my opinion they still have to work on the formulation of this perfume. It felt and smelled a bit too much like alcohol. It felt like a cheap perfume, and Caudalíe is not a brand known for making cheap products. I would not buy this based on the sample, I did not like it at all. It is described in the website as

Moving on to Aura Mugler. This was a complete fail for me too. I can only describe it as terrible. The scent is quite minty, but in a bad way. It smells like mouth wash to me, which is nothing I look for in a perfume. It was not fresh but tacky. The packaging of these Mugler perfumes is really great, even though it is kind of bulky. It works really different from many of these perfume samples, but it has the necessary instructions to figure out how to work it out. The bottle of the actual perfume looks quite stunning as well.

Finally, the Shiseido Ever Bloom. I liked this one, although I am not sure I will end up buying it. It is a nice and simple scent, a sort of nice everyday perfume. It is slightly sweet but still fresh. Very soft as well. It has roses, lotus, orange leaves and gardenia among its ingredients.


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