China/UK: Zoella, Wonder Hand


The Wonder Hand by Zoella gets a 4/5 thumbs up from me. I really like it!

I bought this in Germany, where since beginning of this year you can buy Zoella products either online or at your local Rossmann. The packaging is lovely and good quality, similar to L’Occitane hand creams. The only complain I have from this kind of packaging is that the lid is easy to loose between your creamy fingers with that shape. The box though, I found completely unnecesary, and bad for our environment.

This hand cream costs around 6.50Euro for 90ml, which is a bit more than your average hand cream, but I found it to be worth it. It is scented, but nothing exaggerated. It is very, very moisturizing without being greasy, or leaving an uncomfortable film on the skin. I really enjoyed using this hand cream, and I went back constantly to it even though I was suppose to use it as my night cream.

Would I buy this again? Yes!

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