Sampling around: Elizabeth Arden, Flawless Future range


I tried these products from the Flawless Future by Elizabeth Arden. I was interested in trying out a particular serum by the brand, but the lady at the counter redirected me to this range from their products. She considered that fit bests with my skin, and was kind enough to give me all these to try it out.

All of these, day cream, night cream and serum, had excellent packaging and sample size. The samples lasted me a month more or less. Which is a good amount of product and time to decide how much you like it.

Lets start with the Serum. The consistency of this serum is on the liquid side, slightly sticky. I loved that it has no scent. I would probably not buy this serum, I did not see or felt much effect while using it. There are others that I like better.

For me the star of all the samples I tried was the Day Moisturizer. It contains SPF30, which is great. There are few moisturizers out there which such a high SPF. Again, it has no scent, with a creamy consistency very SPF like. The consistency was not very heavy but you can feel the SPF sticky greasy effect on it. This was not a big issue if you apply some concealer and powder on top, and then you are set. I would like to see more day moisturizers with a decent SPF and a lighter consistency, like the Caudalíe Vinoperfect with 20SPF. Although, this one is not as light in consistency, the fact that it has such a high SPF might make it ideal for certain situations: Holidays at a sunny place, or someone that is often exposed to the sun.

Finally, the night moisturizer. It has a creamy consistency and without a scent. It was nourishing but it absorbs fast. If you like thick, nourishing moisturizers this might not be for you. It is not exactly a light consistency but it does not leave much behind.

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