France: Carita, Crème Révélatrice Fermeté


I was after a body cream that could help with restoring firmness on the skin. After having a child, the skin is stretched and it takes sometime to go back. I was wondering if there was anything that could help with it. I was not expecting that a product on its own would do the work that a healthy diet and sports should, but something that would contribute to keep the elasticity of the skin. I have been using an oil on the skin which has worked quite well until now, but I thought there might be something even better out there. With this in mind I visited a shop in Frankfurt in Germany, and asked for suggestions among the personal. I was recommended the Carita Crème Révélatrice Fermeté. Here what I think of it…

The packaging is excellent, sturdy, beautiful, and practical. The only thing you might not love about it is the inner lid, I chose to keep it on, because I noticed that the cream oxidizes under the light into a red-purple color. Therefore I chose to keep it on, even if it meant an extra step. I even kept the packaging for storing something, not sure what yet, buttons? perfume samples? Something that I did not like was that the instructions do not contain the suggested way to massage the cream in. You can get this online through introducing a code. I did it, and it did not work. I wrote a message to the brand asking about it, but never got an answer. Also, the personal in the shop did not know it. There is no Caritas spa where to go in my town, so in the end I used the cream and massaged it as I thought it should be without knowing the real deal.

The cream has a lovely rich cream consistency, and a very nice and silky feeling. It absorbs quickly, but it leaves a slight creamy silky feeling on the skin. This is not uncomfortable or annoying in any way. It actually feels very nourishing and soft, very comfortable. I really enjoyed using this cream, it was a lovely product, but it did not help at all with the purpose I bought it for. In this regard, the oil I was using before, which costs a 10th of what this cream cost me, did better to help maintain the skin elastic. This cream costs around 120Euro for 200ml. It is very expensive. It is surely nice, and I used it only on the areas I felt needed the extra help: abdomen and breasts. The Frei massage öl for pregnant skin was really good at this, and it costs around eleven Euro. Unfortunately, due to a bad recommendation I spent a lot of money on something that did not fulfill what I needed. The product is not bad at all, but I think it is probably aimed at more mature skin that needs a lot of nutrients that it might not be producing enough anymore. That is probably why I did not see a difference in my skin while using it, and it also did not contribute to keep the skin elastic, which is what I really needed. I was very disappointed, and not very encouraged to follow the advice of the people at that store after this.

Would I buy this again? Maybe in a few years, when I feel my skin might profit from this kind of product.

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