Sampling around: Caudalíe, Rose de Vigne Gel Douche


And now a shower gel by Caudalíe. The Rose de Vigne Gel Douche gets 3/5 thumbs up. I liked it.

It has really nice packaging. It is not just good quality and sturdy, but also beautiful. The shower gel has a very nice and soft scent, you can hardly feel the scent while you shower. It is not very foamy, that is probably because it is mostly made from natural ingredients. If you really like lots of foam, then this might not be for you. It leaves the skin without a dry feeling, comfortable.

It costs around 8 Euros for 200ml. Which is a really nice price for a shower gel of this kind. It is a good shower gel and all, but I do not think I will buy this soon. Personally, when I invest in a more “premium” shower gel, I do it mostly for enjoying the scent, and this one is almost not there. If you like soft scented shower gels that are gentle on your skin, then check this one out. It might be for you.

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