Face Masks: New, good and bad


I bought this face mask in Zürich during a quick trip. I bought a few toiletries and passed by some face masks and picked up a few. This Face Food Apple and Cucumber face mask gets 1/5 thumbs up from me, I did not like it.

The packaging of this mask is really bad, it breaks up all over and then it is hard to separate them without breaking both portions. It also results in some wasting of the product when you try to get it out because it is broken everywhere and wherever you squeeze you loose some. It contains enough product for face and neck, this was no problem.

About the mask itself, it states it is a reviving mask, but it was slightly drying instead of moisturizing. It is one of those face masks that came out creamy but it dries out on the skin, similar to what a clay mask does. In my opinion this was strongly scented, feeling perfumed which is not a good think for a face mask. It was something like fake apple scent.

I would not buy this again, and I can not recommend it.


Lets move to better ones!

Here are three that I liked. First the Schaebens Dankeschön Maske. It is a lovely toned down Vanilla scented mask. Don’t be scared by the description, or the fact that it is vanilla scented, it was not an exaggerated smell, it was really lovely. If you are a vanilla lover, you might not find it as strong as you would like or expect.

It is a rich creamy moisturizing mask, totally a feeling good mask. I would buy this again, I really enjoyed it, although it does not have much purpose beyond making you feel good, and surely moisturize your skin as well.  I really like it and I give it 4/5 thumbs up.

Then a very welcomed surprise, the Garnier Skin Active Volcano Mask. It contains enough product for face, neck and decollete. It needs only three minutes to work, which is great! Very convenient. Its consistency is very very thick and sticky, different from most face masks. It does not dry on your face, so it is rather messy to use. It might leave red clay stains on clothes or towels. The towel I used to remove it got pretty dirty.  The result, great effects visible after two days still. It states it works reducing pore size. This will disappear your pores, obviously, but it did help make them less obvious and it left the skin with luminosity. I found this to be one of few products that truly helped for pore minimizing. Basically, only this and the Visionnaire serum by Lancôme.

I would buy this again, and I have already bought a couple. I give this mask 5/5 thumbs up, I loved it.

Finally the Sensilis Renewal Detox Mask. This mask has a whipped consistency, which is interesting but not the easiest to apply. Once you apply it on the skin, you sort of “flatting” it. This was a sample, and it did not contain enough product for face and neck, it covered more or less half of my neck only. It stings a bit at first but nothing too bad. The sample packaging did not say how long do you need to leave it on, which is a big fail, but other than that the packaging was great. I liked it, I am not sure I would be into buying a whole pot of it though. At the moment I have several similar products at home and although it was nice it was not a game changer for me. I could invest in it, if I finish one of my other masks.

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