China/England: Zoella, Double Cream Body Cream


The Zoella Double Cream Body cream gets 1/5 thumbs up from me. I did not like it.

Let me elaborate about the why now. The packaging is O.K. It looks lovely as most packaging from the brand, but it is not very sturdy, you can feel that the lid could fell of due to heavy use or rough use, like if you were to travel with it for instance. It is made in China, but the brand is from Zoella the blogger in the UK.

My main problem with this cream though, was not the packaging of course, but the product itself. The cream has a sticky consistency that leaves a greasy film on your skin. Quite uncomfortable. It does not fully absorb on your skin, so you end up feeling it on for a while. It also has a perfume that feels sort of cheap. I am not the biggest fan for scented products, or strongly scented products. There are a few scents that I enjoy in body care, or skincare, but always mildly scented. I rather have a product that smells like nothing if I would have to choose.

Would I buy this again? No, I did not even finished it. I really did not like it.

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