Germany: Isana Aloe Vera Hand & Nagel Balsam


The Isana Aloe Vera Hand & Nagel Balsam gets 3/5 thumbs up from me. I liked it.

The packaging is nothing amazing but it is good enough. Sturdy and good quality but nothing fancy. It is a good hand cream, hydrating and it does not leave a film on the skin behind. Which can be very uncomfortable with other hand creams. The consistency is something between a cream and a lotion. A bit liquid towards a lotion but not quite there. It is also quite cheap compared to others, while still being good.

I liked it and I would buy it again when in Germany. My favorites at the moment are Vasenol Intensive Care, but you can only get this in México, latinoamerica and there is a version for the US, and the Nivea Repair Care as moisturizing hand creams for the day. This would rank just behind those for a little bit, just the formulation is slightly better in the others.

Hope it helps!


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