Cotton pads anyone?

There are always things that you give for granted, and a good cotton pad, is probably one of them. No they are not all the same, there are good ones and bad ones. Here a couple of cotton pads I recently tried out.


I bought this Bella cotton pads in Germany at a supermarket. I really liked them, I give them 4/5 thumbs up. This is good for you if you are into thin cotton pads, compact ones. I really liked that it did not take up all of your product, and it let it flow back out when you applied it on the skin. You would think this happens with every cotton pad, but no! They were textured on one side, which might be good for applying certain kind of products. I would definitely buy this again.


These Isana Wattepads are also thin  but absorbent at the same time, without soaking up your precious product. It does not leave threads behind like some might do. These are actually my favorite german cotton pads. They are really good quality for the best price. Even though I have found similarly good cotton pads in Germany, these win for the quality/price. If you like bouncy or puffy cotton pads, stay away from these.

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