Perfume scented Body lotions…Lancôme, Guerlain and Armani


I recently used up a couple of Perfumed Body lotions. I got them as part of some promotion, with a buy from the brand. It also got me thinking, when is the right time to buy or use such a product?

I feel such a product is too expensive for what you expect of a daily moisturizer. I also did not expect them to be very good at that but I was quite surprised to see they do not only smell good they are are quite good moisturizers. I feel it makes sense to use it if you like something scented and wont use perfume afterwards as an everyday kind of product. Or for a special event if you will put on top the same perfume. Both together for as an everyday combo sounds or feels too much, plus you might not use the same scent everyday.

Let’s start with the one I liked the least. La Petite Robe Noire Body Milk by Guerlain. I would give this one a 2/5 thumbs up. It is O.K. This product has a lovely packaging, good quality, size was great to get to know the product, or as a traveling companion. The milk has a lotion consistency, but I did not get the velvet feeling at all. It is lovely scented without being too much. It is very moisturizing, I would say this is not a summer product. It does not absorb completely when the weather is warm and then it ends up feeling uncomfortable on the skin. To be honest I would not buy this one, I have tried other Perfumed moisturizers that are much better.

Then I would say from these three the second best was Lancôme La Nuit Trésor Body Lotion. I give this body lotion 3/5 thumbs up. I liked it. This body lotion has a sweet scent. I have been in the last years into sweet scents, and I own this perfume, I really like it. The scent lingers on your skin for a couple of hours, which was a lovely feeling. I would say two to three hours maximum. I would not call it a lotion, it is a thick cream, rich and very moisturizing. It also takes some time to absorb. It is not too bad but it does feel slightly sticky when putting your clothes on. It is not uncomfortable but you can feel it there and after twenty to thirty minutes it vanishes. I used it during the summer, but being rich I can see it being a good moisturizer for the winter/autumn too.

Finally, my favorite from these three and the biggest surprise among them. Giorgio Armani Sì Body Lotion. I really liked this product, I give it 4/5 thumbs up. This has a lovely scent, I really liked it and it made me consider buying the perfume too. It is indeed a lotion, it has a light consistency. I loved this formula. Although it was ligth, it was still moisturizing enough, even for cold weather. It also absorbs quickly. I would say this is too expensive to wear everyday, but it feels nice for a treat, or a special day. I would definitely buy it, I might do so soon.

I hope these reviews help you out! Enjoy!

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