Germany: Nivea, Repair Care Hand Cream


I really liked this Nivea Repair Care Hand cream. I give it 4/5 thumbs up.

I am not a fan of most classic Nivea and Nivea Soft products. I found they create an awkard film on the skin, and they do not really moisturize. Therefore, I was positively surprised by this product. It does not have the typical Nivea scent either.

About the packaging, I was a bit skeptic at the beginning with that shape. It looked very nice and modern, but I was not sure it was going to be practical and easy to use. After two bottles/tubes of it I am convinced it is really nice packaging. I really like it. It is easy for traveling, perfect size for flying, it fits well in a small liquids bag, it is simple and easy to use.

The formula feels very comforting on dry hands, it leaves them moisturized. It is very emollient, and therefore it lasted longer than most hand creams even though it contains less than most similar products. It did not give a long time improvement on dry hands like Cicaplast by La Roche-Posay, but it is a formula that feels similar, and it gives a similar result but short term only. Price wise it is a bit more expensive than some similar products, or it is at least on the more expensive side, around 3Euro for 75ml, but it is totally worth it.

Would I buy this again? Yes, I would, I have and I will continue buying it. This is a hit with me, well done Nivea!


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