Greece: Korres, Body Milk


I give this body lotions 4/5 thumbs up. I really like them!

The packaging of these body lotions in Basil-Lemon and Santorini Vine is really nice, it has a lovely feel to it. It is also compact and practical to travel with. Each contains 40ml of product, which was enough for lets say, four uses or maybe one more.

The consistency is very creamy and rich but not greasy and it abosrbs quickly. It has a lovely and enjoable consistency. It is more creamy than milky or liquid. The Basil-Lemon scent was fresh without being to strong, while the Santorini Vine was a stronger scent but sweet. I am definitely interested in which other scents they have. A full size retails for around 14Euro. It is also a mostly natural brand, in case that is a plus with you.

I would definitely buy it again but in full size. These smaller sizes were nice to try different scents, but next time I would like to commit to a bigger size.


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