Sampling around: Korres, Shower Gel and Shampoo


The packaging of these is O.K. but it could be better. Because the shower gel and shampoo were not too thick in consistency, it was possible to use it up. Would the product have been slightly thicker, it would have been complicated.

The shower gel Basil Lemon is good, it has a nice gentle scent, nothing too strong. I love the idea for the scent, so fresh, and that is how it smells. It is not very foamy, if that is what you like, this might not be for you. It is 87.5% natural, which is probably why it is not too foamy. I really liked it, and I would definitely buy it again.

The shampoo for Normal Hair was also rather flat when it comes to foam, which I am O.K. with, it is surely because it is mostly a natural product. It is 84.8% natural. It is a good sample size, it was enough product to two uses for long hair, maybe even four if you have short hair. From the natural hair products I have tried, and there are not so many I have to confess, this is the best one. It was a gentle cleanser, and even though it was aimed at normal and not dry hair, it did not dry my hair even further. Maybe I would buy this one, if my hair recovers one day.

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