Sampling around: Bioré, Clear Up Strip mit Activkohle


This clear strips by Bioré came in a magazine. The product is made in Japan, and it seems like the brand is coming more into Europe. Probably that is why they are promoting this product in magazines.

The packaging of the sample was nice, it came in this paper envelope, and the actual strip comes in a plastic packaging that opens beautifully. The instructions come in english, spanish and french on the plastic packaging and in german and english in the paper envelope. I found the double packaging unnecessary, but it probably was added for the german translation of the instructions.

The strip is O.K. It did not remove all but it did pull to the surface fat from the pores, which was good. It was comfortable to remove, not pulling or irritating. If I would buy strips, which I don’t anymore, I would definitely buy these ones.

Would I buy this product based on the sample? Based on the sample yes, if I would use stripes.

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