Face Masks, good, so so and no no!


I took these Vichy face masks with me in a recent trip, and bought these other Yes to masks there. I managed to used them all up and I can now tell you what I think about them!

Both of the Vichy masks were great, I really like them and I will definitely buy them again. The Yes to ones, one is fine but the other was a no no to me. Lets start with the Vichy ones.

Both had O.K. packaging, and something I really loved was that you could buy it as these pouches, but also as a jar of 75ml. It is great if you first want to try the product before committing to a full jar. Or maybe you just like to mix and match according to your mood from many options.

Vichy face mask with two mineral Clays, was a lovely purifying mask. There are plenty of similar options in the market right now, and for all budgets. This is a combined bentonite and Kaolin mask, typical clay purifying ingredients in this kind of masks. This is a very nice and simple mask but not drying at all. In this sense, I found it better than some other affordable formulas like the Neutrogena one. It is a great value for price product. The jar costs around 18 Euro, which is a bit more expensive than the Neutrogena, but not close to some other more expensive options. The fact that it does not leave your skin feeling dry makes it one of my favorite clay purifying face mask now.

The Double Glow Peel Face mask, is another hit in my list. It has AHAs for exfoliation, and volcanic rocks, which I suppose are there to absorb and clear pores. I loved this one too. It leaves your skin with a lovely glow. I did not do so much of the scrubbing, I am not a big fan of that. The exfoliation via the AHAs was enough for my skin, I left it a big longer than five minutes, and then I washed it out. I have to say this is also a very good value price ratio, you get a jar of 75ml for around 20 Dollars. From the options you have for exfoliation with AHAs in a mask, this is a really good price for a very good quality product. This will be bought again soon as well.

Both masks were great, I loved them and I will buy them again.

Now, Yes to…

I first used up the Charcoal one, it is an O.K. mask. It also contains salicylic acid, which is really good if you have acne problems. The packaging is fine but its unnecesarely big for what it contains. It does look cute, but hey! Functionality before looks please! I enjoyed this mask, it clear my pores and it was not very drying. It is fine, nothing amazing but it works. Depending on your style and preferences, you might go for this one, but there are other options. I liked it was not very drying and this together with the salicylic acid might be what makes it different from similar products. You can buy it like this, as a pouch but also in a tube for around 16 dollars. Would I buy it again? Yes!

The no no mask here was the Cucumber Calming Paper Mask. Something you do not expect of a calming mask is that it feels like burning on your skin. I probably had a reaction with an ingredient in this mask, and it could be just a bad luck event, but it feels quite bad to have a calming mask to work the opposite on your skin. I can only say it was slightly cooling and sticky. The paper mask was easy to use and comfy. Unfortunately the burning started almost immediately, I waited a minute to see if it was something momentarely, but it did not go away and I rather remove the mask than upset my skin. I would clearly not buy this product again.

Hope these reviews help you out if you are on the hunt for some mask action!

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