UK: The Body Shop, Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil


I give this product 2/5 thumbs up. It is O.K.

Don’t get me wrong this Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil is not a bad product. It is good a removing make up, it has great packaging, specially speaking of an oil, unlike the Origins Oil cleanser. It has a light consistency without being too liquid. It is a nice product, but if I compare it to something like Olive oil which is as efficient as a make up remover it is rather expensive. It costs around 12 Euro for 200ml. It is not really expensive but I think you can get a liter of olive oil for that price. It says it is a silky cleansing oil, and I would not call it silky. It is a nice product, but I would not buy it. I can get something similar for a cheaper price. It has no “wow effect” that justifies the price. Like the Caudalíe Cleansing Oil. It is more expensive, but everytime you use it it feels like a massage over your face.

Would I buy this product again? Not really.

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