France: Darphin, Eau Micellaire


The Eau Micellaire from Darphin gets from me 1/5 thumbs up. I did not like it.

I saw this at a pharmacy downtown Frankfurt, and as I was close to finish mine I decided to try it out. I loved the sound of Azahar included in the product. It surely would smell lovely. And it does…it smells lovely.

Packaging is lovely if you are going to let it sit on your bathroom, or in a vanity table, skin, etc. It is plastic, sturdy plastic, but soft to the touch.

My main problem with this product was that I used it up faster than any other similar products. You need more product to remove your make up, it is not so effective so you end up using more until you manage to remove the make up. As a result, you finish up the product faster and it is for sure not cheaper.

I would not buy this again, there are plenty of similar products that might not smell as lovely but are better at removing make up, which is its main objective.


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