Drugstore Hair Masks, an adventure…


As you might know if you have read recent post, I had a serious dry hair period. It is not completely over, still caring for my hair and following closely my hairdresser instructions. During the early times of this dry hair period, I first look to the drugstore in hopes of help. This post is the result of that adventure…

The John Frieda Wunder-Kur has great packaging and opening system for this little pouch. I really liked this packaging. Think that you are in the shower wet and soapy. It has to be simple and easy to use. It also contains enough product, which is unfortunately not always the case. It is a good hair mask, it does not repair intensively, but it helps. I would give this one a 3/5 thumbs up. I liked it, but it is not the solution to dry hair.

The Aussie 3Min. Miracle Reconstructor Mask was great! I really liked this product, I give it 4/5 thumbs up. It was the only product from all the ones I mention in this post that really improved my dry hair. The only one! It has good packaging, and it also contains enough product for a use. It is a moisturizing hair mask and I think it deserves the Reconstructor name. It hydrated my hair, it was more manageable after using this hair mask. I will definitely buy this again, even better, I will buy the full size of this hair mask.

Then we have the very famous Pantene ProV 1min. I found this hair mask just O.K. I give it 2/5 thumbs up. This is a very famous product, it has been around for a long time. The packaging is nice and easy to use. I found that if your hair is in good condition, then this is a great product. On the other hand, if your hair is a bit dry, then not much will happen or improve. I was a bit disappointed, given that this product has been around forever. I expected more. It is not a bad product, but if you have dry hair, it won’t help. You need something more rich, moisturizing.

Now, I will group all the Elvital L’Oreal masks I mention in this post. Mostly, because I have to say I found them to be all the same. It almost felt like they are all the same product just with different packaging. The result was the same, no matter which product I used, they felt the same when applied, etc. They were just O.K. Nothing special, probably fine if your hair is already in good condition, but if you are really after help for damaged/dry/split ends/etc then I would suggest you try somewhere else. If you have already nice healthy hair, then these, any of them, will be fine for you. They are like a slightly richer conditioner. I would not buy any of these again. Not even these small presentations.

Finally, the Garnier hair masks. The honey one, was just O.K. Once again, if your hair is already fine, then its probably a great product, but for dry hair does not do much. Again, it is like a nice conditioner. The Olive Oil one has a very rich consistency, a very thick cream, which sounds promising, but it was just slightly better than the Honey one. The packaging of these is terrible. It looks quite cute, but it is not easy to open. Specially with wet hands and lets face it, we are in the shower! Also, it has no instructions detailed in the packaging, so you can only guess how long you should leave it on. I would not buy these again, or their full size.

Only the Aussie hair mask I would buy again, and I think is the only hair mask that truly works from all these. In my opinion, the others are not good hair masks if you are in need of help with damaged, or dry hair. I would say the others are a great product, and the presentation is also perfect in case you do not use conditioner regularly want a one use product from time to time for a boost, or special occasion. Hope it helps!


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