Brasil: Neutrogena, Ultra Light Hidratante Facial


I give this moisturizer/sunscreen 4/5 thumbs up. I really like it.

I bought this moisturizer while in México. I was looking for something to protect me from the intense sun, but that would not be too greasy or leave a white cast on my face. I was nicely surprised by this product. I love the packaging. So sleek and easy. Simple is sometimes best. It is nice if you are traveling because it is not heavy and it does not occupy much space, or its not in your way.

The formula is lovely. I have found few moisturizers with this much sun protection that have a comfortable and natural finish. Most are quite greasy, or leave a whitish cast on the skin from the sunscreen ingredients. If you are planing on applying make up afterwards, you might not mind, but that was not really my plan. I would not expect this to be the best moisturizer, I would say it is a nice moisturizer, but if you want something general. If you just want something to lock up whatever special ingredients you use in your serums, and then also give you sun protection. If you want a fancy moisturizer that gives you added benefits, this is very basic and won’t do. Also, do not expect a matte finish. It gives a bit of shine, like a regular moisturizer would do. I would still apply maybe some concealer and a bit of powder for a nice finish.

Would I buy this product again? Yes!

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