México/France: L’Oréal, Hidra-Total 5 Desmaquillante Bifasico

20170817_151707_1I give this make up remover 3/5 thumbs up. I like it.

This Hidra-Total5 make up remover by L’Oréal was very nice as removing make up, but had a very annoying packaging.

I really liked the make up remover, it was good at removing make up, and it never irritated my eyes. This is the clear example of a great product with packaging that was not properly tested. The result, could be that even though the product itself is good, the client avoids buying it again for its terrible packaging. You can always decant it in a different bottle, but since there are others out there that mean less work, it probably never happens.

The packaging is truly annoying. The dispenser has such a convex shape that you end up wasting a lot of product unnecessarily. When I buy a product, I expect to spend it while using it, not just while pouring it. Every time I made my cotton pads wet, a lot of the product would be wasted, just due to the shape of the dispenser. In the end, I used up this product in record time, half of it ended up straight in the drains.

The product even though it states it does not leave an oily residue,  it did leave a light oily residue as most make up remover of this kind do, that went away after washing my face.

Would I buy this again? Only if the company changes the packaging.

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