France: Clarins, Baume Beauté Eclair


I really like this product, it gets 4/5 thumbs up from me!

I did not have a chance to finish this Beaume Beauté Eclair by Clarins unfortunately. The packaging gave up on me during a trip and I had to trash it there. I bought it already some time ago, and I do not use it that often. I tend to leave it for special occasions, mostly as a primer.

The packaging of this product is not that good. It is not terrible, but it definitely could be better. It is not particularly flexible, meaning getting the product out once it is a bit empty is some work, and you might have to cut the packaging if you really want to use it all up.

The product itself can be used in two different ways, either as a primer in a lighter layer under make up, or as a face mask maybe over night, maybe some 10min. I normally leave it for special occasions either as a primer or as a mask.

It works really nice to give you a tight, plump skin make over for a few hours. I can recommend it if you are having a special event and want a primer that works on the skin, and not that gives you a particular visual effect (blurred pores, luminous finish, intense highlighted finish, etc). The texture is one of a light weight slightly cooling cream. The finish is like the one of a moisturizer, there is no blurring of imperfections, or more luminosity, etc. If you are using it as a primer, you should follow the instructions carefully and not rub it a lot when you apply it.

Would I buy it again? Yes, I will

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