France: Caudalíe, VineActiv Soin Yeux


I give this eye cream by Caudalíe 3/5 thumbs up. I liked it.

This Caudalíe Eye cream says it aims to help with preventing wrinkles but also works as an antifatigue eye cream. I would say that its effects anti-fatigue are limited, but it is a nice eye cream.

The packaging of this eye cream is ideal if you want to travel, and travel light. It weights practically nothing and it is easy to use, compact to pack.

The consistency of the eye cream is like a light weight but very moisturizing cream. I personally found it ideal for the day, because it does feel moisturizing but it is not heavily creamy. It does need a bit to absorb, so if you plan to apply any make up on top, you should wait until it is absorbed. This could be a bit of a problem if you do not have much time to get ready. I usually move on to do something else while it absorbs and then I come back to add some under eye concealer. I never felt it did too much for my puffy eyes, so in that respect there are better products out there. If that is what got you interested in this product, then ask for a sample before you buy it. It might work better on your skin. In my experience two good products for that are It’s Potent by Benefit and GinZing by Origins. On its other anti-wrinkle claims, well anything that helps is welcome but it can only help prevent more, but of course, not get rid of any.

Would I buy this again? Yes, as a day eye cream.


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