A couple of Cover Girl Foundations…


I recently reviewed the TruBlend liquid make up base by Cover Girl. If you read that post you might know that I am not a big fan of it. Recently, I decided to give the brand another chance on bases and bought this Advanced Radiance with Olay ingredients.

When it comes to packaging depending on your needs or taste, you might prefer one or the other. If you like glass packaging then TruBlend has a more solid nice packaging, a bit more “premium” if you like. While the Advanced Radiance has a more compact, light weight packaging. Very travel friendly. If you are planing to travel then this is your base when it comes to packaging. Both are good quality and easy to use.

When it comes to the consistency, I really liked the gel like consistency of TruBlend at first, but it was hard to blend and make it look natural or good. While the Advanced Radiance has a more creamy, standard consistency, which is also easy to blend out. The formula of this foundation is clearly better. TruBlend was strikey and would be hard to blend, the Olay colaboration one blends well without too much work.

Coverage is a big higher on the Advanced Radiance, but it is at most medium if you try to build it up. While TruBlend is clearly a very light coverage. Something that was good about the TruBlend was the range in shades, but since it is not a good formula, that was not very useful.

Overall, I can recommend the Advanced Radiance from these two if you want a natural look, with light coverage. It contains 10SPF which is almost nothing, so you can almost ignore it, but you can always use a good SPF under as a base.

Would I buy these again? Probably not. Neither impressed me much, although the Advance Radiance was clearly better than the TruBlend


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