USA: Sally Hansen, Eye Lash Curler


I give this Eyelash curler by Sally Hansen 1/5 thumbs up. I did not like it.

I was traveling light and I did the mistake of traveling without my eyelash curler. I thought it would not be a bad idea to just buy something at my destination. I had the chance to visit the supermarket, not much more. I can say that options are limited in a supermarket when it comes eyelash curlers. It was either Revlon or this. Neither looked great, and in the end I decided for this one.

It looks good, sturdy, even pretty. It comes with 3 replace gummys, which is really good. The materials seem good quality, and it does not look cheap at all. I think you can appreciate that in the picture. The main problem with this eyelash curler is that the part that lays on the eye to pick up the eye lashes is too short. It was very uncomfortable to use, always trying to fit your eye on it to make sure you do not hurt yourself. I know that this can be relative, we all have different eye shapes, and not everyone will fit every eyelash curler then. Unfortunately I am not sure that is the issue here. I do not have big eyes by any means, also not the smallest eyes. I would say rather average, and I don’t fit in this eyelash curler, sold in a supermarket. This tells me that it is not made for the average person. It is something for a very specific market. It would be nice if there would be something like this in the supermarket, but also something more average.

In summary, if you have small eyes, go ahead and test it. It seems good quality, and it comes with spare gummys. If you do not have small eyes, stay clear or measure it at the shop, to make sure it will work with you.

Would I buy this again? No

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