France: Lancôme, Juicy Shaker Matte


I give the Lancôme Matte Juicy Shakers 3/5 thumbs up. I like them.

These are marketed as a matte finish. I would not say they are exactly matte finish though. The moment you just apply them they have a satin finish, then it slowly dries out and it looks like a stain, but not exactly like a matte lipstick.

I have one of the first Juicy Shakers and the formula is not really good, it lasts nothing on your lips and it is not really hydrating. It does not have much color either, it looks quite sheer, even if you apply another layer, it shows a bit more color but it stays sheer. It is a nice product but one that you should not expect much of it. Therefore, before buying these, I decided to try how long they stay put. On two different occasions, I applied them on my hand and checked on them later. Most of them stayed on no matter what. Not as intense and solid color as when you just applied them, but as a stain. I was interested in creating one of the looks from the promotional material by Lancôme. The look where the model is wearing two different colors in each lip. For that look, I needed a pink and a red. I tried on my hand two pinks: Yummy Pink and Pink Power; and two reds: Kiss me Cherie and Read’y in 5. The other three tones are one orange and two sort of nudes.

By color my favorite combination was Yummy Pink with Read’y in 5, overall my favorite color was actually Read’y in 5. Unfortunately, this was the color that disappear from the four I tested. All other three stayed put for hours, and again they stayed as a stain, but not as a matte intense color. Therefore, in the end I went for these two: Yummy Pink and Kiss me Cherie. They look beautiful, either alone or combined in different ways. One on top of the other, one on each lip, as an ombre, etc.

The finish is NOT Matte, just after applying it, there is some shine until it ends in a sort of intense stain which slowly washes out and you end up with a stain, a bit of color on the lip but looking natural. The formula feels a bit gel like to apply, and the color is very intense when you apply, therefore I am not convinced that the sponge is the best way to apply it. I sometimes applied it with the sponge all over, and had a very intense color but also sometimes I applied it scarcely and used my fingers to blend it in and create a more natural finish.

I think it is a nice product, it is definitely an interesting formula, I want to see what else is coming and I am happy with my purchase.

Would I buy this again? Yes!


2 responses to “France: Lancôme, Juicy Shaker Matte

    • These matte, have a very intense color when you apply them. They eventually wash out and then leave a soft stain color.

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