USA: Neutrogena, Espuma Limpiadora Facial


I give this cleanser 3/5 thumbs up. I liked it.

The Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser is a make up remover and cleanser in one, according to the product description. It is supposed to refresh and clean your skin. The fact that is supposed to be a cleanser and make up remover sold me. I usually remove my make up in two steps, first with some oil, balm, or gel like make up remover and then my regular cleanser of the moment. Therefore, to have a cleanser that is also a make up remover sounded just right.

The packaging is really nice, sturdy and pretty. Ideal for a refill system. Hopefully Neutrogena will introduce something like this soon. Just the label was not really good, as you can see in the picture, it partially fell off.

The product is like a gel that you mix with a bit of water to produce a flat and heavy foam. It removed my make up and cleaned my face leaving it fresh indeed. It did not dry out the skin. I still used an oil to remove most of my make up before using this, I never really used it on its own to remove make up. It was very comfortable to use, the flat heavy foam helps with this. It is not soapy at all, which I appreciate.

Would I buy this again? Yes, I would.

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