USA/Canada: Bobbi Brown, Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks


I give this product 3/5 thumbs up. It is O.K.

I got this Pot Rouge product in a set of bestsellers that you can buy at their website. I think that bag with 5 products is a great idea and more brands should do this. The idea of the product is also brilliant, something for lips and cheeks in one that you can carry in your handbag.

The packaging is great and beautiful. Compact, good quality, great for traveling. It comes with a tiny mirror, but big enough to apply the product on your cheeks or lips. I really love the packaging of this product.

The product is a creamy and slightly shiny blush. I do like cream blushes, my favorites from the ones I have tried are Chanel cream blushes, which have a cream to powder texture. I also really like Max Factor Creamy Blush. The formula of this blush felt a bit shiny on the skin which made some imperfections pop up, but a bit of powder on top solved the issue, and it looked very natural. It is not long lasting, at least on warm weather, so you would have retouch during the day. On the lips it is also beautiful, it is not slippy. The finish is like the one of a lipstick, it feels and looks like a lipstick, which is amazing. It is a great idea to combine two in one (which you can do anyway with regular lipstick, and cream blush), and the packaging is beautiful and super compact. It is a good product, as a blush and as a lip product, which is probably not easy to achieve. Nevertheless the formula was not really my favorite. I prefer a powdery finish to the shiny finish. I would argue that this is great if you carry a make up bag with you, or if you have to apply your make up on the go to work. I applied it with fingers which means you don’t need to carry a brush even. It won’t occupy much space and it is easy to use.


Would I buy this product again? Yes

One response to “USA/Canada: Bobbi Brown, Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks

  1. I’ve never tried Bobbi brown! I think I’ll pass though because of your amazing review! It’d mean a lot if you checked and liked my recent blog post too

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