México: Kleenex, Frescura Hidratante Manzana y Kiwi


I give this Kleenex Apple and Kiwi Soap 3/5 thumbs up. I like it.

Packaging is carton, which is probably unnecessary. I am not sure what is better for the environment, do you?

The soap is very nice, and it lasts a fair amount of time. Sometimes soaps disappear really fast, and you can barely enjoy them, and sometimes, like with this one, they last a fair amount of time. The scent is very fresh and nice, slightly sweet but more fresh than sweet. It is easy to choose when it comes to soaps because you can smell them through the packaging. It was comfortable on the skin, and it also did not dry it out. Sometimes, a strong soap can leave the skin dry after a shower. It was not the case with this one. I would not say it was hydrating, it just did not dry out the skin. I still added body cream after every shower, but my skin was not screaming for it. It was fine.

Would I buy this again? Maybe, there are scents I like better, but it was a good soap.


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