USA: Physicians Formula, Super CC


I give this powder 1/5 thumbs up. I did not like it at all.

I bought this at a supermarket in México not so long ago. You might have seen my haul post. I traveled with a really small Lancôme powder, travel size, and once in México after a few days, I visited a supermarket and picked up a few things I would need. I have not tried much from Physicians Formula, so I figured this would be a good chance to try something else from the brand. So far, from what I have tried, some I have really liked and some not really. Unfortunately, this product fell in the ladder.

The packaging feels good and sturdy, it has a good size mirror, and it has a compartment under to put a sponge. It comes with a brush, but I did not find the brush very useful. I think it might be good for other purposes, just not ideal for applying powder. It is a bit stiff, so when you touch the powder it crumbles it a bit and it releases a lot more powder than you would really need. Something I did not like from the packaging, is that the lower compartment comes with holes, which means the excess powder leaks into your make up bag, hand bag or wherever you are carrying it. I would say it is not very travel friendly, it is bulky and the powder leaking means that if you travel with it something might get dirty.


The powder is quite fine, that was not a problem, it contains a few colors, which you could imagine deal with the color correcting. After applying it, your face looks like you just put a white powder like talc. The problem with this product is that it is not seamless at all, and it does not do any color correcting. I have a fair skin tone, and it looked like I applied a layer of make up two tones lighter than my skin tone. It looks really bad, I looked rather ridiculous with it on. I used it for a few days, just when I was alone and indoors, but very soon I did another trip to a shop for a better option. I can not recommend this product to anybody really.


Would I buy this again? Not at all.

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