Sampling around: Biotherm, AquaSource Deep Serum


I got these samples after I bought a Juicy Shaker in a departmental store in Germany. Somehow I did not get Lancôme samples, but these. I did not mind, since it meant a new product to try.

The packaging is not the best, it does not break evenly, as you can see in the picture. Which might mean that you loose product, or you can not temporarily store it somewhere until you finish the sample.

The AquaSource Deep Serum claims that its name comes from its ability to penetrate and hydrate deep layers of the skin. Of course this is a tricky statement because in reality as their website clearly states with an asterisk is that this “deep” hydration only affects the superficial layers of the epidermis. It is nice serum, if you are interested in hydration as a treatment, but it is one of several options. It contains mannose, which they claim is a potent hydrator and add it to their AquaSource formula in this product. I have not tried many Biotherm products, other than samples really. For this reason, I can not really comment on how good their AquaSource original formula is. I think this is one of the many options that are available at a reasonable price for a hydrating serum, each with its own special thing . The choice between this or Vichy Aqualia Thermal, or Hydragenist hydrating serum by Lierac will lie in formula and consistency preference. In general, I think they are similar products, they are all good and the fit with decide which one is better for you. None of them is a star product from what I have tested so far, but they are a solid good fair priced product.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Maybe, I like to roll around my hydrating serum.

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