USA: Cover Girl, tru blend


I give this foundation 2/5 thumbs up. I think it is O.K.

I bought this foundation while traveling last december in México. The packaging is great. Really good quality, glass jar, good dispenser. Not very compact or travel friendly. If you want something to travel with, Maybelline or L’Oreal might be a better option.

The product is not great, but it is also not terrible. It is, just O.K. You have to shake it before using it every time, and even then when it comes out you can see two shades that are not really well mixed. This is not a big issue, a quick mix on the back of your hand solves it. It is very light coverage, maybe something for really good skin, or as a daily foundation to help improve your complexion, but not if you are after perfection. It is illuminating, brightening, which is nice. It does not last much put on, so if you are going quick to the supermarket, this is fine, if you are going to an event, forget it. Even if you use powder on it, it really does not last long on the skin. Something good is the skin tone range, it seems it has twenty one different tones.

Would I buy this foundation again? No

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