Another Mini Haul…

I recently picked up a couple of concealers, but they did not work out for me, so I went back to the supermarket and also picked up a few other things.

The foundation I had at hand in this trip was not working out very well for me, so when I saw this Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Olay, I thought: well, maybe this works out better! It contains SPF10, which I found insufficient. In my opinion is like adding nothing. The collaboration with Olay sounded quite interesting though, I figured that would probably mean the foundation would be moisturizing as well. That and the radiance description convinced me to take it home.

Then, because I was traveling light, I took no foundation brush. I figured fingers would do, unfortunately the products I took and/or bought during my trip did not look good applied only with my fingers. I think this might be partially the weather. I tried a sponge as you might have seen, so I looked for a foundation brush. I have to say I did not found a brush in the supermarket that would fit my needs. This was the closest I saw, could work for my needs. The EcoTools Retractable Face Brush. It says it gives you a smooth finish and medium coverage. I liked the retractable feature, I figured that if it works well for me, it could be part of my traveling kit.


I also used up the moisturizer I took with me. I was using Caudalie VinoPerfect Radiant Moisturizer. It has SPF20, which is nice but might not be enough if you are for a long period of time under the sun in México. I was happy to see that this Neutrogena Ultra Light had 30SPF, but stating that it is a light weight moisturizer. What else could you ask for?


Finally I picked two more concealers.The previous two I bought did not work for me at all, so I picked two more, in the hopes that at least one is good for my needs. I chose the Almay Clear Complexion, a brand I have never tried anything from, and Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous, because maybe not all Cover Girl concealers are bad.


To be honest, I think that the Almay concealer claims too much, but maybe it is a good concealer. The Cover Girl packaging is cheap again, but maybe this time the product is better.

I will keep you posted on these as soon as I make up my mind. Stay tuned!

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