China/USA: Urban Studio, blending sponge


I give this sponge 1/5 thumbs up. I do not like it at all.

I have never felt too interested in using a sponge to apply my make up. Everyone has their own preferences. For me, these are my fingers or a blending brush. During a trip in which I did not take a brush to apply my foundation, I decided to pick up this sponge, and see how I like it. I have to say I was not impressed by this experience.

The sponge is quite soft and nice to the touch. I have no complains on this. The price, on the other hand, is actually expensive for the results I got using it. I have to say that this was terrible, and I can not recommend it at all. It removed all the make up I tried to apply with it. I made it wet at different levels to see if this changed something, with no positive results. I used it to apply foundation and concealer, with terrible results.

This time, the product was a complete fail for me, but I am still curious to see if other sponges are better. I might try the Real Technics one next. It should be an affordable product, with a good level of quality.

Would I buy this product again? Not at all.

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