Sampling around: Aesop, Primrose Facial Cleansing Mask


I got this sample at the Frankfurt shop in Germany. I bought a hand cream and this is one of the samples I got from that buy. The brand is from UK, but this product is made in Australia.

The Packaging is fine, but it could be nicer, it opens up quite unevenly as you can see in the picture. Although it is quite small and compact, easy to travel with compared to other one use masks, or samples.

I have several cleansing masks, and it is one of those products I regularly use. Once a week at least. So, I am always interested in trying and getting to know good cleansing masks.

This was a very nice mask, it was not drying as it states, which is good if you have moderately oily skin. Although I am not sure if it works on someone with very oily skin as good. It was effective at clearing pores, which is its main objective. My skin was plumped and clean after using it, and its effect was obvious for two to three days.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Yes, I would. At the moment I still have plenty of this type of mask, but as soon as I finish one I can buy this one.

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