Greece: Korres, Wild Rose Instant brightening Mask


I give the Korres Wild Rose Face Mask 3/5 thumbs up. I like it.

This is one of the several Face Masks Korres carries in small tubes. It lasts probably for up to six applications, maybe seven. The Packaging is cute and simple, but practical and compact. I love the font they use in all of their products.

The mask is a brightening mask, and it might sound similar to the Sisley Rose face mask, but it does not work like that one. This is hydrating, but hydration is not its forte. It is of a light creamy consistency, very nice and comfortable on the skin. It is brightening, it contains Wild Rose Oil, which is rich in Vitamin C, having an antioxidant effect, helping  with discoloration and radiance. In my experience, it left a radiant bright skin. I normally use it before going to bed, and the next morning I have radiant skin.  It may last two days but not more. I would assume that using it in a regular basis, has also benefits due to its ingredients. It is 93.3% Natural, so if this is an important point for you, check it out. Another plus is that it costs around 10 euros, and it is not a huge tube. You do not invest a huge amount of money, and you get to test how much you like it without committing to something you might never finish.

Would I buy this product again? Yes, I would and I have.

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