Sampling around: Origins, A perfect World Moisturizer


This moisturizer by Origins, A Perfect World is one of the most enjoyable samples I have tried in the latest time. It is a very good size sample. Packaging is great, compact, easy to use, simple. It is a good traveling sample, great if you just want to try the product. It lasts enough to figure out how much you like the moisturizer, or if you like it at all.

The moisturizer is a bit heavier than what I normally use, it is a light creamy consistency. I usually use gel like products. Even though it was creamier, or heavier than what I like, I really enjoyed it, as a night moisturizer that is. I would not use this as my day moisturizer, but definitely I will be buying this as my night moisturizer. It is very comfortable, and the next morning my skin felt plumped and bright, a little oilier than normal but nothing close to greasy, or that a good cleanse does not remove. This is probably because I do not normally use this kind of product. It contains White Tea, which is rich in antioxidants, and it also claims to contain ingredients that work against the pollution in our environment: Edelweiss and White Birch. To be honest, Edelweiss sounds like a very expensive ingredient.

Would I buy this product based on the sample? Yes, I would and I will. I really enjoyed it and it showed me there are creamy moisturizers that I could like, as a night moisturizer that is!

3 responses to “Sampling around: Origins, A perfect World Moisturizer

  1. I’ve heard so much about origins but apparently it’s quite expensive? What’s your take on this? Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked my recent post out too x

    • It is not so expensive as a brand, but it is also not cheap. I would say it is around mid-range. All of the products that I have tried are very perfumed, which might not be everyone’s taste. I have tried a couple that are really good: the Ginzing Eye cream for puffy eyes for instance. Those I think is totally worth to invest in, some others might be good but you most likely found a product that is as good but cheaper and less perfumed.

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