Sampling around: L’Oreal, Detox Maske Tonerde Absolue


When I saw the publicity about these masks, I thought well it is interesting, although there are plenty of masks in this direction, and other drugstore brands are also releasing similar products (Garnier for instance).

I was happy when I got this Detox and Brightening Mask Sample in a magazine to try it out, so I did not have to invest in them to find out how good they are. Other brands have released them in little sachets, like Nivea or Garnier. That way, you don’t have to commit, and you can also Mix and Match your needs or wishes.

I have a few clay masks, some clay and Kaolin, etc. Most of them state they are for clearing pores, and deep cleaning your skin. This one, additionally mentions brightening, that I have not really heard before.

The sample packaging was good, and amount was O.K. The Mask, was very nice and it was brightening. The consistency is the regular clay mask consistency. I think this is a great drugstore product, even if it were not drugstore, it is a nice mask and it is worth to try it, if you are looking for a detox/brightening treatment. Now, if your main concern is the deep cleansing then, in my opinion, the Neutrogena Cleanser & Mask is better.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Yes, definitely yes.

3 responses to “Sampling around: L’Oreal, Detox Maske Tonerde Absolue

  1. I loved this mask 😃 I usually use the glam glow super mud mask and I swear the L’Oréal is a dupe of it 😃 great post 😘

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