Germany: TreacleMoon, Cute Satsuma Smile Balsam


I give this balsam 3/5 thumbs up. I liked it.

This Cute Satsuma Smile hand balsam from TreacleMoon contains Vitamin E and apricot Oil. It states it is aimed to stressed hands. The packaging is different from most, quite compact, and sturdy, good for hand bag, but not sure it is great for traveling with that shape. The balsam is really nice, light but hydrating not very emollient. It also has a very nice soft scent. It is not very strong which I appreciate, but at the moment of applying it you can feel it. I am not sure what they mean by stressed hands, but I suffer from dry hands constantly, and this help out to keep my hands hydrated. It probably means a combination of dryness, exposure to cold, or extensive hand washing from work, etc. In that case I am not sure it helps because I do suffer from dry hands, but I used it in my regular setup, not very cold, or dry weather, and also not so much hand washing as in jobs that constantly require it, or work that dries your hands.

Would I buy it again? Yes

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