Beauty shopping…mini-haul


I try to travel light, and use these opportunities to pick up new things. This is exactly what this mini-haul was about. I bought these two at a shop called Bellisima in México. First, because of the warm humid weather during summer in the south of México I can not live without a good powder. I recently bought a Physicians Formula, that I will review soon, for that very reason and now I got this one too. Also, I decided to not bring a foundation brush, only a powder and blush brush. I apply my foundation either with my fingers or a buffing brush. I have tried other kind of brushes, and I always go back to these two options. Looking for an option in this shop, I decided to try a sponge. I decided to get this Urban Studio Flawless Blend. The name it mostly what got me, stating that it is a sponge focused on blending your make up. I hope it delivers, I will keep you posted about it.


At the supermarket, I got this lip balm. I was almost sure I was going to get a Burt Bee’s because that is what I bought last when I visited México, and it is now my favorite everyday lip balm. I also have never thought I would pick up a blistex. I have bought the basic lip balm from blistex and it is not my thing. It has a strong minty scent and feeling on your lips. Something I am not a big fan of. This particular lip balm, states it is Raspberry-Lemon, and that convinced me!

I hope these fulfill my expectations, but in any case I will let you know my opinion about them. Enjoy!

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