France: Nuxe, Rêve de Miel, Savon Visage et Corps


I give this soap 3/5 thumbs up. I liked it.

I got this in a hotel, and I of course felt spoiled immediately. I used it as a face wash once or twice but it is not my thing to clean my face with soap. This was not the kind of soap that makes lots of bubbles, or foam, so it was not uncomfortable to wash my face. Still, I prefer to use a gel like product. Just personal preference.

As a body soap, it was really good. Probably my only complain is that it ran out quickly compared to others. It was very mild on the skin, it did not dry it out, which I loved. It was not very foamy, but I am O.K. with that. If you prefer very foamy products, this might not be for you. It was also not strongly scented, I did not really feel a strong honey scent. That is also a plus for me, honey scented products can smell a bit too sweet for my taste.

Would I buy this? Yes, I would.

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